This courses are scheduled as per the National University of Science and Technology Politehnica Bucuresti.

Please check the schedules:

Economic Financial Analysis (Applications)

Focusing on the use of basic financial concepts implemented in Excel.

Data Analysis & Statistics

Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistics; Descriptive statistics; Probability Distributions; Inferential Statistics; Regression analysis;


Some skills and competences are formed as a result of however there are few dedicated courses. For example, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint are part of the professional landscape of many roles.

The workshops are designed to support both the technical knowledge of the software and the communication aspects. 

Important notes:

  • In class / online formats 
  • The workshops are free of charge for all master students in UNESCO Chair Programs
  • The are no formal certifications awarded 
  • Workshops are not connected to the academic track record of the students (they will not appear on transcripts).

Excel for Research

Workshops are focused on the uses of Excel for data analysis and statistics.

PowerPoint Presentations

Both technical aspects of creating presentation and also structuring of the discourse.

Academic Writing

Several workshops that result in publication of a scientific article. In collaboration with SEA Open Research.


Understanding of the ethical aspects of research and publication.

Would you like to attend any of the workshops? Send me and email at adina.munteanu[at]