Research Project: Designing Learning Experiences: Competences in the Digital Era
research project

As of March 2024, I have initiated a new research agenda, creating a dedicated project.

Scope of Research

This research project aims to develop a comprehensive structure of competences tailored for trainers and lecturers, focusing on the integration of digital skills and andragogic principles.

The scope encompasses the identification, analysis, and synthesis of essential competences required for designing effective learning experiences in contemporary educational settings, particularly in the context of online or remote training.

It will also address the challenges post COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to update teaching methods and tools to better cater to adult learners.

Target Audience

The primary target audience includes: trainers involved in corporate training programs, lecturers across various disciplines and professionals engaged in instructional design and educational technology.

Reaserch Objectives

Identify Essential Competences

Conduct a thorough literature review and empirical studies to identify the essential competences for designing learning experiences, with a focus on addressing challenges post COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards online or remote training.

Develop a Competence Framework

Utilize the findings to create a structured framework outlining the key competences required by trainers and university lecturers, integrating updates to teaching methods and tools for teaching adults in online environments.

Validate the Framework

Validate the developed competence framework through expert review, focus groups, and pilot testing in real-world educational settings to ensure its applicability and effectiveness, especially in the context of remote or online training.

Create Training Materials

Develop training materials, resources, and tools aligned with the identified competences to support educators in enhancing their skills in designing engaging and effective learning experiences, particularly in online or remote settings.

Methodological Aspects

 Data Collection from Practitioners

Gather data through surveys, questionnaires, and observations from practitioners actively engaged in online or remote training to understand their challenges, needs, and experiences.

 Investigation of Online Learning Environments

Conduct a benchmarking analysis of existing online learning platforms, tools, and environments to identify best practices and innovative approaches in delivering effective online learning experiences.

 Interviews with Professionals and Experts

 Conduct interviews with professionals and experts in education science, instructional design, and educational technology to gather insights, perspectives, and recommendations for updating teaching methods and tools in the context of online teaching for adult learners.

As milstones are reached, parts of the research will be published. You want to know more? Drop me a line at: adina.munteanu [at]

About the AVIONIC project

Creative Digital Teaching And Learning For Green Air Transport And Logistics – AVIONIC Project



Creative Digital Teaching And Learning For Green Air Transport And Logistics

The project activities are folded in three categories: sharing the knowledge on innovative methods for teaching and learning and identification of digital and green skills in air transport; developing new curricula and teaching and learning materials; developing new digital tools for interactive teaching and learning as OER. 


The implementation of these activities will be ensure through a solid project management and extensive dissemination of the results. 

More about the project here.

Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport Project

The Erasmus+ project “Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport” (KAAT) coordinated University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and involving 5 partners 11 associates from 5 countries.

KKAT Project Partners

One of the project deliverables was the Report on Qualifications in Air Transport which presents a state of the art on qualifications from air transport industry, including an analysis of 30 qualifications within the field. An important part of this work consists in clarifying the relationships between occupations, skills/ competences and qualifications.

The analysis on qualifications in aviation may be considered as “special” due to safety and security requirements and possibly the existence of environmental externalities. According to various economic studies, however, there is little or no evidence that aviation has unique economic and human resources characteristics, compared to other modes of transport and service industries. 

The key to addressing the dynamic and rapid transformations shaping the aviation sector is the establishment and application of good regulatory practices and, more broadly, good governance – the institutional, regulatory, and policy frameworks in which air transport is designed, implemented and managed.

Published academic papers

As of February 2024, the list of my published articles is mentioned below. Whenever possible, I will share the link where the paper is available.

Should you have any questions on any of the papers, kindly contact me at:


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