About the AVIONIC project

Creative Digital Teaching And Learning For Green Air Transport And Logistics – AVIONIC Project



Creative Digital Teaching And Learning For Green Air Transport And Logistics

The project activities are folded in three categories: sharing the knowledge on innovative methods for teaching and learning and identification of digital and green skills in air transport; developing new curricula and teaching and learning materials; developing new digital tools for interactive teaching and learning as OER. 


The implementation of these activities will be ensure through a solid project management and extensive dissemination of the results. 

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Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport Project

The Erasmus+ project “Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport” (KAAT) coordinated University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and involving 5 partners 11 associates from 5 countries.

KKAT Project Partners

One of the project deliverables was the Report on Qualifications in Air Transport which presents a state of the art on qualifications from air transport industry, including an analysis of 30 qualifications within the field. An important part of this work consists in clarifying the relationships between occupations, skills/ competences and qualifications.

The analysis on qualifications in aviation may be considered as “special” due to safety and security requirements and possibly the existence of environmental externalities. According to various economic studies, however, there is little or no evidence that aviation has unique economic and human resources characteristics, compared to other modes of transport and service industries. 

The key to addressing the dynamic and rapid transformations shaping the aviation sector is the establishment and application of good regulatory practices and, more broadly, good governance – the institutional, regulatory, and policy frameworks in which air transport is designed, implemented and managed.